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Liquid Leather Zip Jacket - Charcoal

Ultra Chic Ponte Vest

Modern Pocket Sweater Cardigan

Modern Envelope Hem Pima Sweater
Tunic - Taupe

Track Print Tipped Hem Top

V Neck Pocket Sweater - Olive

Mock Neck Open Shoulder Dress - Olive

Ladder Sleeve Dress - Black

Butterfly Print Narrow V Tunic -
Taupe Multi

Straight Pocket Pant -

Straight Pant - Charcoal

Ponte Pull-On Skinny Pant - Grey


See why SlimSation is already a favorite among women who want to both look and feel great. SlimSation's secret slimming panel can't be seen, but the effects of it are unmissable. The panel is built into the fashion-friendly pants, giving you an on trend look and a great figure all in one. The only way to truly understand how fantastic you can look and how comfortable you can be is to try SlimSation's pants, capris, ankles or leggings for yourself. You won't be disappointed! Now available at Sharff's in Circleville!




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